Who ever thought it would be such a tricky questions to answer, whether to buy a hanging egg chair with stand or without a stand?

There are quite a few pros to both just as there are a few cons to having a hanging egg chair with stand. Which is why I want to cover all of this for you to help you clearly decide upon buying the hanging chair with stand or without a stand.

First of all we must admit the best thing about having the stand as an option is that you don’t have too many limitations to where you can put your egg chair. Meaning if it is a colder day you can relocate your chair inside. Or if it is a nice summer day out you can switch from inside to outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Where you could say the same even if you have a hanging point for hanging your chair inside the house and one outside your house too. Although where the real perk of the stand comes in, is literally being able to shuffle the chair around to whatever location you like. Independent of those few hanging points that you may have.

This could allow you to be enjoying the sun one moment to eventually shuffling back into the shade to prevent being burnt. Or sitting in your living room reading a book and then relocating to the lounge room to watch a movie. This is why we love the hanging egg chair with stand option.

When it comes to using the hanging chair without the stand though, by hanging the chair from something overhead like the rafters, the ceiling or even a tree. This really is a blessing in itself, where you don’t have the stand in the way and you can get a wider swing happening. This feels far more therapeutic and is far more enjoyable, so long as you don’t push the swinging to the limits, especially when inside.

In reality though, it is both great having the stand and not having a stand. Although to help you decide upon getting the hanging egg chair with stand or without all really depends on your preferences. Would you rather be able to easily relocate whenever and to wherever you please? Or would you rather have just a select few places you can hang out but enjoy more space to move and swing without the stand being in the way?

Once you weigh up your options to which you would prefer, it is a much easier decision to make. Especially since we were able to lay the pros and cons out on the table for you.

At the end of the day too, if you do go for the stand option you can ditch it. Or if you don’t purchase a hanging chair with the stand and feel as though you need one, you can always buy a hanging chair stand separately if you really need.
I hope I was able to help make your decision easier and if you are still looking for a hanging egg chair with or without a stand, please feel free to check out our store here.

If you find something with a stand that you don’t need or vice versa please let us know at info@hangingout.com.au as we can help to accommodate your requests.