The single pod chair or the single hanging chair which everyone calls it is quite obviously the most popular of the hanging chairs. Which makes sense really because the single pod chair was the first designed hanging chair to become famously popular since its creation back in the 70’s.

Although what most people don’t realise is that the 2 person hanging chair is quickly catching up. Where we see a lot of our customers lean towards the 2 person hanging chair for many reasons, reason which I would love to share with you in this post.

First of all the 2 person hanging chair kills two birds with one stone so to speak. It is a hanging chair and you can sit more than just one person in it. Clearly the 2 person hanging chair is slightly bigger than the single pod chair, which means having the space is important.

However, by having a 2 person hanging chair, we believe it is the best option since you can get selfish and enjoy the room for yourself. Of course it’s great to share some time with a loved one just hanging out with either your friends, family or your partner. 

Though sometimes it is best enjoyed when you need to take a much needed retreat, an afternoon siesta or mid morning nap. Where you can fully spread out and take up the room the chair has to offer by snuggling into the 2 person hanging chair and getting some rest.

Over the single pod chair, we believe much like majority of our customers that the 2 person hanging chair really is the pick of the bunch if you have the space at home. Being able to enjoy the chair to yourself is great, but sharing how amazingly relaxing the 2 person hanging chair really is, is something you won’t regret.

Sure you could take the option of getting 2 single pod chairs, but the experience is just not the same. Although on your quest to getting a hanging chair, we will leave the decision up to you where you can take a good look at our range of hanging chairs here.

If at all you have further questions about either the 2 person hanging chair or one of our single pod hanging chairs. Be sure to contact us here as we are more than happy to help.