Hanging chairs though invented in the 70’s still didn’t start getting popular up until a few years ago. Where many different outdoor hanging egg chair styles started to get developed. Allowing us to pick and choose which style best suits what we are after in our hanging chairs.

Which is why I would like to go through 4 great outdoor hanging egg chair styles to help you decide what style may be best for you.

The Single Cocoon

The single cocoon chair is the most popular style as this style was how the first ever hanging egg chair was designed way back in the 70’s. Looking like an egg with the hollow cut away, the cocoon hanging chair is more of a snug fit hugging the back when you relax back into it.

Generally the single cocoon is one of those hanging egg chair styles that will always be popular due to most chairs fitting this description.

The Single Ball
The single ball hang chair is one of those outdoor hanging egg chair styles that has been developed for more comfort. The ball chair is less of an egg shape and obviously as it’s name suggests, more of a ball shape.

The ball chair has much more room than just the single cocoon chair where you can spread out a little more. A great chair if you have more room in or around your home and don’t want to be restricted to one sitting position for comfort.

The Zaire
The Zaire is a chair designed to be one of those outdoor hanging egg chair styles which looks different and also has no overhead shade. Perfect for when you want to get some sun on a summer day either by the pool or on the deck.

The Zaire hanging chair is a new style but still constructed with the original rattan wicker that most of the original hanging chairs were developed with. Ensuring it is a solid build for the outdoor patio area or by the pool.

The Double
Finally to one of the most popular outdoor hanging egg chair styles of all, the infamous double seated hanging chair.

What’s great about the double hanging chair as an outdoor design is that it is incredibly comfortable due to the room you have when sitting in the chair. The double is great to relax in with a friend or loved one, but at the same time don’t shy away from the double as an excuse to take in the comfort all to yourself and enjoy a relaxing Sunday siesta.

The double also makes for a perfect day bed where you can sprawl out, catch some rays under the sun or pull the chair under the shade whilst enjoying an afternoon breeze.

I hope in this post I was able to help you shed some light on a few of those great outdoor hanging egg chair styles. By now you should know what may better suit your taste according to what you are looking for in a hanging egg chair. If you are still stuck, be sure to check out our online store, or contact us with your questions.