Outdoor furniture can be exposed to harsh sun and weather conditions, which can cause damage over time. Here are a few ways to protect outdoor furniture from sun damage:

    1. Use a UV protectant spray: Applying a UV protectant spray to your outdoor furniture can help protect the fibers from fading and breaking down in the sun.
    2. Cover your furniture: Covering your furniture with a weather-resistant cover or tarp when not in use can help protect it from sun and weather damage.
    3. Move your furniture around: Move your furniture around periodically to prevent any one area from getting too much sun exposure.
    4. Place your furniture in the shade: Placing your furniture in a shaded area, such as under a patio cover or umbrella, can help protect it from direct sun exposure.
    5. Use outdoor furniture cushions: Outdoor furniture cushions are made to withstand the elements and can provide extra protection for the furniture.
    6. Clean and maintain your furniture regularly: Regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep your outdoor furniture in good condition and prolong its life.
    7. Use a furniture wax or oil: Applying a furniture wax or oil to your outdoor furniture can help protect the wood from sun and weather damage

By taking these steps to protect your outdoor furniture from sun damage, you can ensure that it lasts for many seasons and continues to look great. Also, if possible, avoid placing outdoor furniture in extreme direct sunlight, and try to keep it under a shade.