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Best 5 Australian Home Decor Blogs

  There is no doubt home décor is an industry in it’s own, where big money is spent and a lot of time and effort goes into creating beautiful home décor.  Which is why we want to share with you some of the best Australian home décor blogs on the net today. To help you find amazing and inspirational ideas for your own home. Darling Street The author Penny loves to share her brilliant ideas with her fans, from renovating to DIY crafty home décor pieces. With her vast range of passionate ideas, this helps her to be one of the top Australian home décor blogs. Not only is Penny great at design but she too is an actress staring...

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How To Hang A Hammock

There is no doubt the possibilities to where you can hang a hammock are limitless. From your balcony, your bedroom, in the backyard, between two trees at the beach or even between two rocks or over the water! The other cool thing when it comes time to hang your hammock is you can have your own preferences like every body else does in how they like to hang their own hammock. Some people like to have a longer ridgeline, which is the distance from where the hammock shell hangs from end to end. This is what people refer to as the curve of the hammock or most often, the amount of sag your hammock has. By having a longer ridgeline...

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4 Great Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair Styles

Hanging chairs though invented in the 70’s still didn’t start getting popular up until a few years ago. Where many different outdoor hanging egg chair styles started to get developed. Allowing us to pick and choose which style best suits what we are after in our hanging chairs. Which is why I would like to go through 4 great outdoor hanging egg chair styles to help you decide what style may be best for you.   The Single Cocoon The single cocoon chair is the most popular style as this style was how the first ever hanging egg chair was designed way back in the 70’s. Looking like an egg with the hollow cut away, the cocoon hanging chair is...

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Is A Hanging Egg Chair With Stand Your Best Option?

Who ever thought it would be such a tricky questions to answer, whether to buy a hanging egg chair with stand or without a stand? There are quite a few pros to both just as there are a few cons to having a hanging egg chair with stand. Which is why I want to cover all of this for you to help you clearly decide upon buying the hanging chair with stand or without a stand. First of all we must admit the best thing about having the stand as an option is that you don’t have too many limitations to where you can put your egg chair. Meaning if it is a colder day you can relocate your chair...

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Health benefits of a hanging pod chair

You may think that a hanging pod chair is great for just hanging out, chilling with friends, family or even solo. However, truth be told there has been some research conducted on the actual health benefits of hanging chairs.   Neck & back pain – Hanging chairs may just be what you need to relieve your neck and back pain, for swinging chairs can reduce a persons physical stress and the benefits from these are accumulative. It is said that without pressure points the vertebrae of the body can begin to align themselves, which helps reduce stress and pain in your neck and back. For a physical state of muscle relaxation you can really benefit from not just a hanging...

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