There are several different styles and designs of hanging egg chairs available, including:

    1. Wicker: Wicker hanging egg chairs are made of woven natural fibers and are often used for outdoor seating.
    2. Rattan: Similar to wicker, rattan hanging egg chairs are made of woven natural fibers, but they have a slightly different texture and appearance.
    3. Fabric: Some hanging egg chairs are made with a fabric shell that can be removed and washed, these type of egg chairs can come in various colors and patterns.
    4. Metal: Some hanging egg chairs are made of metal, such as aluminum or steel, and may have a more modern or industrial look.
    5. Indoor: Indoor hanging egg chairs are designed for use inside and can be made with a variety of materials such as fabric, velvet, or leather.
    6. Hanging egg chairs with canopy: Some hanging egg chairs come with a canopy, which provides additional shade and protection from the sun.
    7. Hanging egg chairs with stand: Some hanging egg chairs can be hung from a stand, which allows for more flexibility in terms of location and placement.

Each style and design has its own unique look and feel, and may be better suited for different types of settings or personal preferences.