Whilst hammocks are one of the best ways to lounge around, who could of guessed that the health benefits of a hammock would be something to keep you literally hanging out more often.

These specific health benefits mean that you aren’t just lazing around but working on your health at the same time! So don’t be afraid to take a much needed break because the benefits are truly worth it.


People or children suffering from autism experience sensory integration, where schools have long used swings for vestibular sensory integration. By swinging in a hammock it can provide essential vestibular movement to help people suffering from autism to achieve normal developmental milestones, and can really calm them down.


Stress Reduction

My favorite health benefits of a hammock is that by laying and swinging in a hammock it can help you to forget thoughts that are not serving you. This mechanically reduces stress allowing the brain to become clear and enhance concentration. There is no doubt that stress has many affects where it can actually shorten your life, however by taking to the hammock it can help to prevent stress in our body and minds.
health benefits of a hammock

Acid Reflux

I know, it sounds strange that one of these health benefits of a hammock actually can relieve acid reflux. Although this is a great benefit because up to 60 percent of adults experience some type of acid reflux at least once every 12 months and 20-30 percent will have weekly symptoms.

How this can be eased is by resting or sleeping in a hammock since the slight elevation of the upper body allows the acid slowly creeping up to use the earths gravitation pull in it’s favor.


Enhance Focus & Work Ethic

The better you are rested the better you are able to think clearly and focus on working more productively. Hanging out in your hammock can help you to relax and put you to sleep quicker when you have a slight swing happening, meaning an hour in a hammock can recharge your batteries when tired so you can focus on more important tasks productively once well rested.


Increases Your Metabolism

Did you know that people who have a good amount of rest are able to use their energy to burn more calories throughout the day reducing their risk of weight gain and obesity? This is one of those health benefits of a hammock and taking a mid day siesta or sleeping in your hammock overnight to get a good amount of rest can actually help you to keep fitter.


Healthier Sleep

It’s true that one of the greatest health benefits of a hammock is it provides a far healthier nights sleep and not just from the health benefits above. But also aids in sleep apnea, the treatment of arthritis and many physiological symptoms people suffer from.


By sleeping in a hammock you can reduce your stress, relieve your body where people even claim it helps ease their back pain. But over all sleeping in a hammock has many incredible benefits that can help you in various ways that you may need.

I hope I was able to help you learn more about the health benefits of a hammock and if you would like to learn more about some of our hammocks you can simply click here. Or if you would like to learn more, please be sure to simply contact us too.