It’s obvious that there are benefits to using your hanging egg chair without a stand. But it too is just as beneficial, if not far more beneficial to use your hanging egg chair with a stand.

You see being in the Hanging Egg Chair game for quite some time we have learnt a lot about hanging chairs and we want to shed some light and teach you just why a hanging egg chair with a stand has more benefits than buying one without.


  1. Nowhere To Hang
    It really depends on where you live, however we know that most of Australian residence live in, near or around the city where they may not have as much space in their homes or backyards. Meaning that not always is there the option to hang your hanging chair from your ceiling, whether that be outside over your porch or inside in your lounge/living room.

    Maybe where you live it is just structurally impossible to hang your chair anywhere. Which is why as an alternative, using your hanging egg chair with a stand is the best solution.
    Hanging Egg Chair With A Stand
  2. Take It Inside
    As most hanging egg chairs are known to be outdoor furniture, they still make for amazing inside furniture and especially when the weather starts to get colder. There is nothing better than coming home after a day at work, walking in the door and cuddling up in your hanging chair with a warm drink and a warm blanket.

    Although, if you don’t have a hanging egg chair with a stand and can’t hang your egg chair from your ceiling. You can be limited to how often you use your hanging chair. Meaning if you want to take your Hanging Chair inside on the colder months or during the rainy days, you really do need a hanging egg chair with a stand.

  3. It’s All About The Location (switch it up)
    In this day and age peoples attention spans are so fast (you can blame that on social media) where we tend to look for something different and switch things up in our lives. This includes changing our furniture around for better feng shui and to freshen up the vibe!

    However if you are hanging your egg chair from the ceiling either inside or outside, you limit yourself to where you can relocate your hanging chair. Which is why we find it far better to have the option of a hanging egg chair with a stand, where you can park your chair up inside, outside, or even right by the pool. Basically anywhere in and around your home you can utilise the comfort of hanging out in your hanging chair because you have the option of a stand.

    We hope you found this post beneficial in helping you to decide to go for a hanging egg chair with a stand or without a stand. Although in our professional opinion, unless you are set on keeping your egg chair in the same spot, having the option of a stand really is a worthwhile investment.

    If you already have a chair but no stand, don't fret. We sell stands individually if this is something you need. Or if you would like to check out our range of chair we invite you to do so by clicking this link here.