Gone are the boring old days of sitting down on a four legged chair when you can bring to the table (pardon the pun) all these awesome hanging chair ideas for you new hanging chair.

Below are just a few killer hanging chair ideas for all you bad-ass hanging chair enthusiasts. But of course, if I have left some other insanely awesome hanging chair ideas out be sure to comment below with your own.


1. Your Garden
First up the most commonly knowing awesome hanging chair location is right in your back yard. Sure, while this may not be the craziest of all hanging chair ideas, don’t be fooled for your creativity really can come in to play here.

A lot of people out there are hanging their chairs from a tree, their pergola. But when you have nothing to hang it off, a hanging chair stand can take your chair to places like right by your pool, next to your BBQ while you cook, out in the sun whilst reading or parked up by your veggie patch while your water it

2. At the beach
I may be biased, but this is the ultimate for hanging chair ideas. At the beach you can really soak up the serenity, the waves, ocean breezes and of course some rays (we can’t forget about or Vitamin D). Finding a tree to hang from would be ideal, but to get into the perfect spot with a killer view your stand may be very handy.

3. Your living room
Make your main living room feature a hanging chair and you will not regret it. Watching movies, reading and relaxing on a Sunday evening in your hanging chair puts you in the most tranquil state. The definitive relaxation retreat you can utilise rain, hail or shine after a big day, week or weekend.

4. A-top a mountain
Not everyone has a mountain right at their doorstep where they can be creative with their hanging chair ideas. However even a backdrop of mountains from your backyard, front yard or balcony is picturesque. Although if you do have access to a mountain with a tree a-top it, get your chair hanging from a branch asap and you will never look back.

5.Over your pool
There is always something desirable about hanging over water. If you could muster the resources together to hang your hanging chair over your pool, a lake, stream or any type of water source, be sure to give it a go. Cool breezes over water are not just delightful on a warm day but are very calming whilst being close to water.

I am sure with your creativity you have some more awesome hanging chair ideas of your own that you can think of or have even done before. Please feel free to comment below letting us all know what they are, lets spread the love on our creativity here!