When you have just discovered how awesome hanging chairs really are and you want to get your very own. It can be difficult to know which types of hanging egg chairs are best for you.

Which is why you need to consider many things before you start randomly looking for hanging egg chairs. We suggest first you ask yourself, “Where am I going to use my hanging chair?”.

Once you know where you want to place your hanging chair whether it be inside or outside, from your patio or hanging from a backyard tree. Then you can start considering the best types of hanging chairs for those places.

Most hanging egg chairs are designed to be outdoor chairs, although this does not mean you can’t use them inside. Where we have many customers decorating their homes and even offices with hanging egg chairs.

The next thing you want to consider is, who is the chair for? Is it for just you, a loved one, or is it for a couple? Knowing this you can look at either the single hanging egg chairs or the doubles and the different styles available.

Quite often the single hanging egg chairs are perfect for what people are looking for. But when you want to cuddle up on a summers afternoon with your loved one or inside on a cold Sunday night next to the fireplace or heater. The doubles are absolutely perfect for that.

Or however, if you are looking for a day bed type swing chair to spread out on yourself these doubles are great for that whilst listening to music or reading a book.

But where your hanging egg chair will become the most popular is when you have people over or a party, everybody wants to sit in the egg chair. Not because it is so comfortable, but because it’s something different and most of all the perfect place to chill.

So when you are looking at many different hanging egg chairs, we urge you to ask yourself some questions to understand what you really want the chair for and then looking into colours to match other furniture or outdoor settings is something you can decide upon once you have a rough figure of what the chair is for.

We hope this post was helpful on your quest to find the best hanging egg chair. If you would like to learn more about the egg chairs, feel free to check out our other blogs here. Or Shop with us online to view what we have to offer by clicking here.