There is no doubt the possibilities to where you can hang a hammock are limitless. From your balcony, your bedroom, in the backyard, between two trees at the beach or even between two rocks or over the water!

The other cool thing when it comes time to hang your hammock is you can have your own preferences like every body else does in how they like to hang their own hammock. Some people like to have a longer ridgeline, which is the distance from where the hammock shell hangs from end to end. This is what people refer to as the curve of the hammock or most often, the amount of sag your hammock has.

By having a longer ridgeline length your hammock will be more horizontal (minimal sag), or when your ridgeline is shorter your hammock will have more of a curve. Generally a longer ridgeline is best for laying in your hammock whilst a short ridgeline is best for sitting up in the hammock.

Now that you know all about the ridgeline length which is what we believe is the most important to get correct for comfort. You want to know the distance between the two objects you want to hang from and of course the height of the attachment points.

By working these out you can adjust or create the correct length for your tension rope/cord which is what will connect your two hammock ends to the attachment points. Now, as a rule of thumb when you hang a hammock the tension cord should hang at roughly a 30 degree angle to allow for a good ridgeline length and curve.

You also want to take into account what height you want to hang your hammock from the ground, which can also affect the length of the tension rope. Ideally having your hammock sit at sitting height from the ground is best although you can customize this to suit what you would prefer.

The coolest thing when you hang a hammock is there really are no rules, other than you want your attachment points to be rigid enough to hold your weight of course. This blog post is simply to help people to hang their hammocks for ultimate comfort.

For that though and if you want to get technical there is a hammock guru by the name of Derek Hansen who created an actual hammock hanging calculator. By using this you can input all the measurement you have from your attachment points to your hammock size and it will calculate for you the ideal measurements for hanging your hammock.

I hope you learnt some great things for how to hang a hammock and as always if you have any questions or need further help about hanging your hammock or our products please simple contact us.