Many people believe that Feng Shui is some type of voodoo or strange practice where you need to change your whole lifestyle. However to benefit from Feng Shui you do not have to renovate your house or change all the furniture.

Feng Shui is all about creating positive vibes and good enery within your home. Which is why we want to show you some simple Feng Shui tips that can help you to start creating a better feeling home and harnessing good energy. Because essentially that is what Feng Shui is, creating a happier home through some easy and actionable Feng Shui tips that almost every home has the ability to use.

Once you start to practice these Feng Shuit Tips you will start to see how beneficial feng shui really is and why people have decided to start learning more about it to generate a better atmosphere within their home.

Place Plants On Your Kitchen Cabinets

Are your upper kitchen cabinets built all the way to the ceiling or do they stop before the ceiling leaving space? Generally it is best for the upper kitchen cabinets to be built all the way to the ceiling since when a gap is left, that space attracts dirt and stale energy.

Although for those of you who do have a space between the top of your upper kitchen cabinets and the ceiling, we have one of those great Feng Shui tips that can bring life to the area and create good energy.

You can place plants (living or at least life like plants), lighting and beautifully shaped and loved decorates in this area. This will liven up the kitchen and help it to feel so much more vibrant.

Fill Your Home With Aromas

Our homes tend to be filled with and hold the energies of those who live in this space, leaving an imprint. One of these great Feng Shui tips that can be used to clear the space of those energies is by replacing it with beautifully smelling aromas, which will help to welcome fresh new energy.

To do this you can burn incense, spray natural or essential oils in your home and to keep fresh air and new energy flowing, open up whatever windows you may have to welcome in that fresh vitality. 

Clean Your Windows

The windows in our homes are seen as our eyes to the world, meaning we don’t want to have a hazy or foggy gaze due to unclean windows. By keeping your windows clean you are essentially opening up your eyes and brightening up your space also.

So keep your windows clean by grabbing some vinegar and water with a sponge/cloth and wipe away the dirt to allow new light to come into your beautiful home.

Where Is Your Bed?

Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home as you spend many hours sleeping in it. Which is why it essential to have your bed located in the best possible commanding position. All our furniture in our home should be in a commanding position, although especially our bed!

To have your bed in a commanding position you want your bed to be facing the door, or at the very least you want to be able to see the door from where you are laying in bed.

Ideally being diagonally across from your door is best where you are not in a position where you are directly facing the door. Placing mirrors in your room where you can see the door at least from your mirror is a great feng shui tip if you don’t have the most amount of space.

Use Your Front Door

One of the best Feng Shui tips in this article is to use your front door more often. This is because the front door is the entry to good energy coming into your home.

Whilst a lot of people park their cars in the garage and enter their home through the side door or back door. It is far better to enter the front door allowing new and fresh energy to enter the home. So for those of you who use the side or back door, be sure to at least use the front door a couple of times a week and start to see the difference. 

Fix Your Doors & Drawers

Last but not least for these simple Feng Shui tips is to fix all or any of the squeaky doors or draws you have in your home.

A squeaky door can be seen as it whining or crying which can affect your mood and well being, especially if it is the first thing you come home to or leave your house with.

So oiling up that door or hinge and making sure it swings noise free and easily, really can set you up to have a nicer day or more relaxing evening after coming home from a long day at work.

      I hope these simple Feng Shui tips serve you well and for those of you who have more of your own, please be sure to comment them below because sharing is caring.

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