It may sound strange though to keep your favorite hammock clean you need to know how to clean a cloth hammock the correct way in order not to damage it and have it smelling and looking fresh and clean year upon year.

Most people believe the process for how to clean a cloth hammock is quite simple, and theoretically it is. That is because you can easily wash your hammock in the washing machine, however there are some things you need to do before you just toss it in there.

You don’t want the hammock to get tangled and come out looking like an un-usable mess or even worse completely damaged where you won’t be able to use it again. So what you need to do is to fold it up by using the two ends as a guide and fold them in on each other. You also want to prevent it getting all knotted so it is best to bundle to rope together safely and tie them up in a bunch. You can then grab a pillow case, place the hammock inside, the the pillowcase shut and put it in the washing machine ready to wash.

For those hammocks that have stains, mildew and mold there are better ways for how to clean a cloth hammock that is as specifically as this. In order to clean off the stains and other really dirty areas that you are affrain won’t come out in the wash. What you need to do is lay your cloth hammock out on a flat surface. Get a bucket of warm soapy water, a hard brush scrubber and start putting some serious elbow grease into those areas that need a good scrub cleaning session.

You can also do this for your spreader bar hammocks that can’t go in the washing machine. After you are done scrubbing you cloth hammock you can proceed to prepare it to go in the washing machine and wash it this way too.

Once you hammock has been washed hang it out to dry in the sun until it is dry enough to use and there you have it. That is how to clean a cloth hammock without damaging it and keeping it in pristine condition.

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