Sure a hanging egg chair is nothing short of awesome! But a double hanging egg chair, well that takes the cake and for so many great reasons.

1. Space

Such an obvious one but the more space you have available the easier it is to relax right. Just like when you are on an areolae for example, each time you are crammed into the standard economy style seat you probably find it hard to be comfortable, especially after a longer period of time. But, when you are upgraded to an exit row or business class seat you ultimately have room to move and become far more comfortable.

This is the same when it comes to a double hanging chair. It is actually one of the reasons people are obsessed with their double hanging egg chairs because they have the space to relax in ultimate comfort.

2. Sleep/Nap

Oh yes, this is a fundamental place to have a lay down and get rejuvenated on a Sunday afternoon. Spreading your legs out on your double hanging chair allows you to get a comfortable and regenerating rest whilst swaying in the light afternoon breeze. 

3. Hosting

We find that when people who are hosting a party or have people over, there are always people wanting to try out the special feature being the hanging chair. But with a single, only one person can enjoy at a time. Although with a double hanging egg chair you can experience it with a partner and also be more accommodating by providing more seats for guests.

4. Working / Multi-tasking

Whilst not all of us have ample time to enjoy our hanging chair to relax, a lot of us have busy lives. Which is why the double usually plays a great role in allowing us to carry out some light tasks from emailing, studying and etc. It also allows room to place documents, books and such things beside us that we need handy.

5. Company

We saved the best for last and yes whilst a double hanging egg chair has many great uses, the best of all and what is was essential made for is to relax in comfort with a partner. Whether it be a friend, family or loved one the double is a great place to hang out and engage in good conversation.