There is no denying that the rattan hanging chair is exceedingly popular. But what most people don’t know is, whether the rattan hanging chair is the best possible choice as an outdoor chair.

Without beating around the bush, rattan is a great material for furniture. Not only for it’s looks but it’s comfort too. However what most people don’t realise is that rattan as an outdoor furniture material is not the best possible choice if you are hoping for longevity in your furniture.

The reason for this is because the real rattan hanging chair, or any other rattan furniture when left outside will go moldy. This occurs when the rattan is left outside susceptible to where it can get wet from either the rain or the cold moisture during winter.

Even covering your rattan furniture overnight will still not prevent the due from the cold air of night. Sure your rattan hanging chair will last a while, especially if you try and clean it as best as possible. However once the rattan absorbs moisture it is only a matter of time until it either starts smelling or grows mold.

What is the alternative though?

Because the rattan hanging chair is so popular as on outdoor chair and we know that the real rattan construction isn’t the most suitable material. Our rattan hanging chairs are designed with fully weatherproof PE (polyethylene) rattan. Which is practically maintenance free, allowing it to be left outside all year round.

The PE rattan is hand-woven over a rust resistant chair frame that has been designed to withstand the affects of weather season in and season out.

To keep our rattan hanging chair constructed with PE rattan clean, any dirt, mud or dust can be easily washed off with a damp soapy towel or hose. As for the durability of the PE rattan hanging chair, it is strong, flexible and very robust holding it’s shape well.

If you are looking for a rattan hanging chair and want it to last both inside and outside whilst also being very comfortable. Be sure to go for the PE rattan hanging chair and not the true rattan construction. Which unfortunately like most people are lead to believe, it will not be the longest lasting piece of furniture for your outdoor setting.

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