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Will A Rattan Hanging Chair Last Long Outside?

  There is no denying that the rattan hanging chair is exceedingly popular. But what most people don’t know is, whether the rattan hanging chair is the best possible choice as an outdoor chair. Without beating around the bush, rattan is a great material for furniture. Not only for it’s looks but it’s comfort too. However what most people don’t realise is that rattan as an outdoor furniture material is not the best possible choice if you are hoping for longevity in your furniture. The reason for this is because the real rattan hanging chair, or any other rattan furniture when left outside will go moldy. This occurs when the rattan is left outside susceptible to where it can get...

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Why the wicker hanging chair is most reliable

It’s true, what the wicker hanging chair is manufactured out of is really what makes this product so appealing and reliable to customers. The construction of these wicker hanging chairs is of a lightweight Poly Ethylene Rattan material which makes these egg chairs exceedingly durable in all conditions. Being UV resistant and weatherproof, it makes these wicker hanging chairs ever so popular for outdoor settings and great garden or backyard features. With their ergonomic and natural designs they fit right in with their natural surroundings even with the different colour options in which these chairs tend to be made in. The construction of this lightweight Poly Ethylene material makes it exceedingly easy to clean as they naturally repel dirt and...

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How To Clean Your Hanging Egg Chair

Simple and effective ways to keep your hanging egg chair looking brand new. Hanging egg chairs are incredible easy to maintain. Step 1: Remove the cushion and wipe the wicker with a damp cloth or sponge. Step 2: Wait for chair to completely dry. Step 3: Place cushion back on the chair. That's it! We recommend not using any harsh chemicals on your hanging chair, this can lead to long term damage and weaken the wicker. This includes: Solvents, acids and bleach. Cleaning products that foam should be avoided. Residue may get trapped in the woven wicker, which can damage the chair. Although most of our chairs come with cushions that have machine washable covers. When not in use, we recommend placing the...

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What Is A Hanging Egg Chair?

A question that we get asked a lot. What is an egg chair? First of all, a hanging egg chair goes by many names. Some names we've heard along our travels include: egg chair, ball chair, pod chair, basket chair even basket swing and this list goes on. Most of these variations can be used interchangabley to mean the same thing.   A hanging egg chair is exactly that. A chair that hangs either from the ceiling/support beam of a stand designed for use with hanging chairs. Traditionally hanging chairs were made from woven rattan. These days, we see almost all hanging chairs composed of a synthetic rattan. Commonly called PE Rattan. Most people are turned off when they first hear that...

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