Your bedroom is for sleeping, so is a hanging chair in your bedroom wise or not?

This is a great question in which we are going to discus in further detail. Although before we do, we would like you to know there is no right or wrong answer, but more a matter of opinion based on your purpose for sitting in you chair.

Which we know can sound quite odd, however lets go through some pros and cons for having your hanging chair in your bedroom.

Most of the positives for hanging your hanging chair in your bedroom, is because it allows for a great place to retreat whilst reading a book, watching TV/movies or even meditating. A lot of people love to not only keep their homes decorative with nice art and furniture but also their bedroom especially. Where a nice hanging chair can be a great feature item for a bedroom, whilst also doubling as a wonderful cozy hang out zone.

As for cons when hanging your hanging chair in your bedroom, the biggest would be that a hanging chair can take up a fair amount of space. Which isn’t great if you can’t accommodate this. Having your hanging chair in your bedroom with limited space doesn’t particular keep your bedrooms Feng Shui in sync.

So when it comes to buying your hanging chair and deciding whether to keep it outside, in the living room or bring it to the bedroom. We suggest that you first think about what your main purpose would be when hanging out in your hanging chair. Whether it be reading, thinking, meditating or watching your favorite shows. From there you can decide where it would be best to be situated whilst doing those things.

On top of that you should also be conscious of how much space you have to allow for a hanging chair in your bedroom. If room is limited we suggest keeping your hanging chair in an area that is more open.