There are different variations and types of hanging garden chairs, though they all do fit into 3 different categories. Each one having their own benefits compared to the other types of hanging garden chairs available.

Though for those who are hunting down and shopping for a hanging chair to go in their garden, over the patio or hang from your deck. There are 3 key types of hanging garden chairs which I am going to cover in this post in order for you to know which is the right type of chair for you before rushing into something you haven’t got the foggiest idea about just yet.

Single Pod Chair

The Single Pod Chair is the most popular types of hanging garden chairs for the simple fact that this style of chair was the first hanging chair ever designed back in the 70’s. As a swinging garden chair hanging from a strong branch over head, these single pod chairs are what created the buzz and the inspiration into designing other styles or types of hanging garden chairs.

What is great about the single pod chair is that when you sit back into it, it hugs your back and is a comforting feeling as you laze the day away in the garden or looking out over your deck.


Single Ball Chair

Inspired by the pod chair, the ball chair is incredibly similar. Although it is less of an egg or pod shape should I say and more of a ball shape, which is obviously where it gets it’s name. The other difference about the ball chair you may not know is that it is more roomy, where you can fold your legs up inside or adjust to different positions when hanging out in the chair drinking wine and reading your book.


Double Hanging Chair

There is no denying that out of all the types of hanging garden chairs, the double hanging chair is out favourite. What is so cool about the double hanging chair is that it is super comfortable when you want to be a little selfish and enjoy the whole chair to yourself. The double chair is also best enjoyed with a loved one hanging out in the evenings or on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sure the double hanging chair takes up more room, but the paradox to that in all positivity is that is allows for more room for comfort!

What type of hanging garden chair do you believe you would prefer to hang out it and why?