If you are new to the world of hanging egg chairs, and don’t want to use a stand especially indoors. We have put together a little tutorial of how you can hang a hanging chair indoors safely.

The coolest thing when you are to hang a hanging chair indoors, is that your hanging chair becomes an all year round chair. You no longer need to succumb to the weather when it is far to cold, or during some of those summer days when it is far too warm you can escape the heat by being indoors.

But what exactly do you need to know to hang a hanging chair indoors? For that matter too, what do you need to do so and what has to be done in order to complete this task?

To be honest, when you need to hang a hanging chair indoors it is far easier than you may imagine. To start off with you need a stud finder, an eyebolt (an eyebolt screw to hang the chair from), a drill and a drill bit.

First start off by finding the ceiling joist inside your home or room that you are looking to hanging your hanging chair on. Once you have located this and it is where you would like to hang your hanging chair, drill a hole slightly smaller than the width of the eyebolt thread and deep enough for the eyebolt thread to penetrate all the way through.

Once you have drilled the hole, screw the eyebolt into the hole ensuring you screw it deep enough so it is not revealing any thread at all. Once the eyebolt is screwed in tightly, hook an S hook onto the eyebolt and hang your chair with either the chain or rope from your hanging chair.

Before sitting in the chair, pull on the hanging chair first to test the sturdiness and that it will hold your weight. You should do this before you sit in the chair ever time you come to use it, just as a precaution though.

Depending on the hanging chair you purchase, you may need to purchase yourself a longer chain or rope for hanging the chair, depending on how low or high you would like your hanging chair to sit of course.

I hope you found this post helpful for finding a way to hang a hanging chair indoors so you can now enjoy the comfort of you hanging chair inside your own home.

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