Hanging Chairs are a great piece of furniture although sometimes the cooler weather prevents these hanging egg chairs in Melbourne and other fresher states from being a comfortable outdoor chair.

Although, just because the weather starts to get cooler in those winter months. Does not mean that your hanging chairs in Melbourne or Sydney for that matter, need to sit outside all alone and go un-used.

That is why most of our hanging egg chairs come with a stand, allowing these chairs to be enjoyed in pure comfort inside the home too. The stand also provides the ability to move your chair around from room to room, or from one outdoor location to another when the weather warms up.

Many people have a strong belief that the hanging egg chair is only an outdoor chair, but that could not be further from the truth! Where we are quite often seeing interior designers and decorators using hanging chairs as a key piece of furniture in homes and office spaces. In fact, we believe the hanging egg chair often looks nicer inside a well lit home blending in with it’s surrounding furniture and ambiances.

Which is why using your hanging chairs in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth all year round is very do-able. Even if you don’t like to use the hanging egg chair with a stand and prefer it to hang from the rafters outside or the ceiling inside.  

There is always a way you can hang your hanging egg chair from the ceiling inside during the winter months. Where you can then relocate it outside when the weather is warmer, whilst still leaving your ceiling looking clean and in tact.

If going inside to use your hanging chairs in Melbourne or other cooler states is an option you may like to exploit and want to do so without a stand. Be sure to check out our post on how to hang your hanging egg chair inside safely by following our detailed instructions.

Now next time you are thinking of using purchasing or using your hanging chair and only experiencing it in all it’s glory outdoors. Think again because taking it inside is an experience in it’s own and you don’t want to miss out on all the fun just because the weather is cooler outside.

I hope this post shed some light on the ability to use your hanging egg chair wherever you may like. If at all you don’t have yourself a hanging chair yet or would like to browse our range, feel free to check out our online shop here.