How hard can it be to find somewhere to hang your egg chair?

Good question right, surely it can’t be that hard . . . .

Well, with a whole new world opening up as hanging chairs become ever so popular, our options really are limitless. However we want to make life a little easier for you by showing you the 5 best and most popular places you can hang your egg chair.

  1. Bedroom
    Yes that’s right, depending on how much space you have in your bedroom, this is fast becoming a popular place to hang your egg chair. Opening up your room to more than just a place to sleep but also hang out, read a book, watch movies from your hanging chair or even browse the net makes your room so much more hospitable.


  1. Tree
    The perfect place to get in touch with nature is to hang your egg chair by a strong tree. Whether it be overlooking your garden, backyard, pool, beach or a magnificent backdrop of mountains. Hanging your chair from a tree allows you to really soak in the serenity and ultimately relax, with a book, a wine or even both! (our favorite).


  1. Deck
    A good deck should not be left alone without a fantastic hanging chair to compliment it. Over your front porch, back porch or wherever you have a deck is a really great place to hang your egg chair and really makes your deck look complete. With either one single hanging chair, two or even a double certainly provides a killer chill spot after a long day/week at work.

    Even when you host parties and have people over, you can guarantee people are going to be fighting over your hanging chair.

    Hang your egg chair
  1. The Office
    We all know that the moment someone walks into your office and spots your hanging chair, not only will they show instant respect but will also want one too! I mean how could you not right . . . .

    When you hang your egg chair in the office, this is where your creative thinking comes from. As you hang your egg chair in your office, it not only allows you a great spot to get out from under your desk and start brainstorming epic ideas, but also to make important phone calls and catch up on reading that needs to be done.


  1. Stand
    Not always will you have the opportunity to hang your egg chair from the roof, a branch or some strong object overhead. Which is why having a stand is brilliant because it allows you to put your hanging chair anywhere you please. That’s right, one day you may want to hang out and watch TV or a movie and the next day you may want to hang out in your backyard reading.

    The stand really helps you diversify your chill spots according to your mood for each occasion.