Did you just get yourself a hammock or are looking to purchase?

Maybe you already have one but rarely use it?

Whichever the case, lets explore some of the best places to hang your hammock at home and soak in the good vibes of hanging out in your hammock on a lazy day at home.

Patio/Deck/Veranda – Our first port of call is of course your patio, deck, veranda or whatever outdoor area you may have. Whether it is out the front or around back, hanging your hammock over your patio is a great place to relax in the shade over a warm summers day.

Garden – We can’t go past one of our favourite places to hang your hammock at home, being out in the garden. This could be between two trees, hanging from your fence, your house or maybe you have a hammock stand of your own. Being out in the garden is a great place to take in what nature you may have around you whilst relaxing and getting a tan!

Bedroom – It’s not the most popular place to hang your hammock at home, although if you have the space for it, we highly suggest hanging your hammock in your bedroom. Some people have even been known to swap their bed for a hammock because of the health benefits. Although we believe hanging out in your hammock in your bedroom is a cool place to relax, read a book, watch some TV/movies or whatever you wish should you have the room to do so.

Living Area – Not everyone has a front yard, back yard or both together. Which is why a common place to hang your hammock at home is in the living area where the hammock can be used for many purposes. Like keeping guests comfortable in a homely area, hanging out with the family, relaxing or taking an afternoon siesta!

Anywhere – Most people believe hanging your hammock at home is limited to where you can hang from. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can literally hang your hammock at home in any area that it can fit thanks to the wonderful invention of the hammock stand.

If you have a hammock or are thinking of getting one for yourself and don’t know where to put it. Don’t forget that you can put it anywhere it fits, within your house, outside, in the garden, poolside, the front yard or even in the lounge room! You can hang out anywhere at home by using a portable hammock stand and better yet you can change up your hanging spots to see where you prefer to be.

So where do you think you are going to hang your hammock at home now and enjoy it for all it’s worth?