How To Hang An Egg Chair

What You'll Need

Before you get started installing your hanging egg chair. You'll need to get prepare the following items:
  • Drill
  • Eye Hook Screw
  • Chain or rope, pre-measured

    Where To Hang Your Egg Chair

    Hanging chair from the ceiling

    A number of factors come into play when planning to hang your egg chair from your ceiling or support beam.

    Living rooms, recreational rooms and outdoors remain the most popular places to hang egg chairs. One of our customers even bought theirs to hang in their office. 

    The room you choose to hang your egg chair should be somewhere you can imagine yourself relaxing for short and extended periods of time. It should be a room you enjoy spending time in preferably with a nice view.

    The location of the chair should not disrupt the flow of the room. You want to love your hanging egg chair, not be annoyed by it getting in your way. 

    The hanging nature of an egg chair means it will be an instantly eye-catching piece of furniture. This should be kept in mind when planning the placement and design of the other furniture in the room.

    Will The Ceiling Support My Hanging Egg Chair?

    It is essential to make sure that the ceiling or support beam you'll be hanging your egg chair from can support the weight of an human as well as the actual egg chair.If you are hanging from a visible ceiling support or pergola. You will be able to see possible locations to hang your egg chair. When hanging, make sure you hang from the exact centre of the beam. Mark this point with a pencil.

    If you would like to hang from a plasterboard ceiling. You will need to locate a ceiling joist first. Plasterboard is not strong enough to hang your egg chair. You will need to look for a joist and find a suitable place to hang your egg chair that matches up with the joist.

    Using a stud finder, locate the centre of the joist and make sure to mark this location. This is where you will hang your egg chair.


    Installing Your Hanging Egg Chair

    How to install an egg chair

    If you're comfortable using a drill and have basic DIY experience around the house, hanging your egg chair should be a breeze.

    Using the mark you made in the centre of the joist as a guide. Drill a 10 cm hole into the joist. The hole you just made will be the installation point and serve as the support for your chair.

    Carefully screw and eye hook into the hole you just made. Make sure to screw it in the entire way, you shouldn't be able to see any of the screw's threading.

    Attach the rope or chain to the eye hook. The other end of the rope or chain should be fixed to the top of the hanging egg chair. Each chair will differ in how It needs to be connected. Some will require a hook, others come with a caribeena.

    Your installation is complete. 

    When hung in the just way we have just described. An average sized adult can be safely supported. If you are concerned about support limits. You can distribute the weight between two beams for extra security. Use the same method as described, just add an extra rope or chain.

    If you're not 100% comfortable doing it yourself. We strongly recommend consulting a professional builder who will be able to advise you the best way to safely and securely hang your egg chair. 

    Our signature range is perfect for free hanging from your ceiling or pergola.

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